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Svend Hollensen, Marc Oliver Opresnik

Marketing, page 460 - 461

A Relationship Perspective

1. Edition 2010, ISBN print: 978-3-8006-3722-5, ISBN online: 978-3-8006-4870-2,

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About the authors 447 About the authors Svend Hollensen ( is Ph.D. and Associate Professor of International Marketing at University of Southern Denmark (Sønderborg). He has practical experience from a job as International Marketing Coordinator in a large Danish multinational enterprise as well as from being International Marketing Manager in a company producing agricultural machinery. After working in industry from 1983 to 1987 (the last two years as International Marketing Manager) he received his Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 1992. He has published articles in international recognized journals and is the author of the following globally published textbooks such as Essentials of Global Marketing, Global Marketing and Marketing Research – An International Approach. Svend Hollensen has also worked as a business consultant for several multinational companies, as well as global organizations like World Bank. Marc Opresnik ( / is Ph.D. and Associate Professor of Business Economics, in particular Marketing and Management, at the Fachhochschule Lübeck, Germany, and a visiting professor to other international universities such as the East China University of Science & Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai and the European Business School London. He has 10 years experience from working as Senior Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager and Global Coordinator Project Planning in Strategy & Portfolio for Shell International Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd. Marc Opresnik has worked as a business consultant for several multinational companies, institutions and governments. Autoren.indd 447 03.08.2010 12:57:05 Uhr Index 449 Index A Activity Based Costing 134 Activity-based costing (ABC) 384 Alliances 73 Appropriate time horizon 133 Augmented offer 58 Awareness 11, 72 Awareness 382 B Behavioural segmentation 147 Benefits sought 147 BHAG 112 Bottom-up budget 383 Bottom-up planning 31 Brand equity 378 Branding 59 Brand loyalty 4 Brand map 159 Bribery 394 B-t-B VII B-t-C VII Business buying process 79 Business mission statement 111 Business vision statement 111 Buy classes 80 Buyer-seller relationships VI Buyers’ personal characteristics 153 Buying behaviour 74 Buying centre 79 C Cannibalization 118 Cash cows 126 Classical view of social responsibility 402 Commitment 11 Commodity approach 4 Concentrated marketing 157 Concept of distribution 3 Contractors 46 Conversion strategies 28 Core competencies 52 Core offer (basic offering) 58 Corporate-level 51 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) 400 Cost drivers 56 Cost focus 122 Cost leadership 122 Cross-functionalism VII Cross-functional teams VII Cultural factors 65 Customer acquisition 9 Customer delight 424 Customer equity 379, 428 Customer gratitude 16 Customer intimacy 123 Customer lifetime value (CLV) 425 Customer loyalty 407 Customer mix budget 383 Customer mix budgets 383 Customer perceived value 412 Customer relationship management (CRM) 414 Customer retention 10 Customer satisfaction 15 Customer service 71 Customized marketing 158 D Decider 80 Decision-making unit 79 Demographic factors 64 Demographics 151 Demographic variables 144 Differentiated marketing 157 Differentiation focus 122 Differentiation strategy 121 Direct marketing 5 Dissolution 11, 72 Diversification strategies 119 Dogs 127 E Economics of retention strategies 10 Economies of scale 56 Ehrenberg and Goodhart model 77 Environmental factors 81 E-procurement 82 Ethical responsibilities 402 Ethics 388 Exit barriers 13 Expansion 11, 72 Expected offer 58 Exploration 11, 72 F Fair trade marketing 405 Feasibility 133 Financial standing 49 Fishbein and Ajzen model 77 Five forces model 156 Forward supply chain 398 Full-time marketers 45 Functional approach 4 Functional capabilities 51 G Gatekeepers 80 Glossary.indd 449 03.08.2010 12:57:23 Uhr

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Marketing – A Relationship Perspective

Moderne Grundlange zum Marketing

Das Lehrbuch behandelt eines der wichtigsten und aktuellsten Themenfelder des modernen Marketings. Der Ansatz verbindet dabei den klassischen Ansatz der strategischen Marketingplanung und seiner Instrumente mit dem neuen Ansatz des Relationship Marketing. Der ganzheitliche Ansatz des Buches umfasst dabei die aktuellen Marketing-Grundlagen, Praxisbeispiele sowie anwendungsorientierte Fallstudien und eignet sich somit ideal sowohl für Manager und Entscheidungsträger im Marketing-Bereich, Studenten in Bachelor- und Materstudiengängen sowie Dozenten und Trainer.