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CON, Volume 25 (2013), Issue 1, ISSN: 0935-0381, ISSN online: 0935-0381,

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Portrayal of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Zeitschrift Controlling ........................................................ Professor Philippe Lorino is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Zeitschrift Controlling ........................................................ Dear readers, in the last couple of issues, we have introduced the new members of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Zeitschrift Controlling. Starting with this issue, we will publish in this section portrayals of the present members of our Editorial Advisory Board and update you on their work. Philippe Lorino is professor of Management Control and Organization Theory at ESSEC Business School (Paris and Singapore) and an adviser to the French Nuclear Safety Authority (organizational factors of risk) and to the French Railway Company (strategic competence management). After graduating from E´cole Polytechnique of Paris (1972) and E´cole des Mines (1975), he exercised operational responsibilities, first in the French government administration (private adviser to the Minister and deputy director of industrial policies at the Ministry of Industry), then as a director in the finance department of an international computer company, in charge of redesigning management accounting systems. Since his Ph.D. in Management (1993, Paris University), he has been a professor and researcher at ESSEC Business School. He draws from pragmatist philosophy and semiotics (Peirce, Dewey), dialogism theory (Bakhtin) and activity theory (Vygotsky) to develop a view of organizing as an ongoing process of dialogical inquiries, mediated by systems of signs such as languages, technical tools and management systems. He is particularly interested in the role of management systems (management accounting, performance management, budgeting and planning) in collective sensemaking and organizational change management, with such topics as: business process management, strategic performance management, organizational control of risk, impact of management control on collective work practices, semiotic value of management tools. He is actively involved in field studies of organizational situations which require major changes simultaneously in work practices and in management systems, e.g. situations of hazardous activities (nuclear energy, construction industry, space and aeronautics) or activities facing deep strategic redefinitions (transportation, social housing, mass distribution, banking etc.). A list of published books, chapters and articles ist available at 54 IN EIGENER SACHE CONTROLLING – ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR ERFOLGSORIENTIERTE UNTERNEHMENSSTEUERUNG

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